About Us!

At I Love My Freedom, we have two goals: Providing Americans with relevant news and helping patriotic Americans show off their pride!

When you wear our products, you're expressing your true sense of pride and excitement for our incredible country.

Once you get your new Trump gear in the mail, put it on and send us a photo of you showing off your American pride! We love seeing the happy faces of the community we serve.

Why Buy From Us!

When you buy from us at I Love My Freedom, there's a plethora of reasons to feel overjoyed in getting yourself new patriotic products! We wanted to list off 5 of the best below!

1. AMERICAN JOBS - Your purchase supports our staff of hard-working Americans living in Minnesota, Kansas, California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and South Dakota!

2. A portion of every sale is donated to help build homes for wounded veterans.

3. You're helping spread & expand the America First message we push in our news at ILoveMyFreedom.org!

4. You're enriching yourself in high-quality patriotic gear for yourself, your family, your friends your dogs, or your home.

5. We have an awesome rewards program!

We know you love your freedom and look forward to sending you some of the greatest patriotic products!