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  • Hi everyone, I'd like to tell you that my experience with I Love My Freedom has been nothing but GREAT! I had totally messed up my order: the wrong shirt, double the quantity, everything, and was even trying to stop payment already. But I texted them and lo & behold, they got right back to me immediately, fixed my order, & shipped my order right away! I got my beautiful TRUMP 45 jersey the next day, & couldn't be happier! It's so rare to find such good business service these days, and these people are right on the ball! I'm telling all my friends what a good experience, & I would suggest them to everybody!

    Tim Taylor via Facebook Reviews

  • This jersey I ordered was a great purchase! It arrived in a timely manner and was in perfect shape! The material isn’t cheap nor is the stictching and their customer service was excellent! I messaged them and they responded very quickly! I wore it the first time for my visit to Mount Rushmore and have had thousands like and comment and where to buy! I can say as an American with pride as a Marine veteran and still serving our country that this is a great company with great employees who care about We the People! Order yours today and enjoy the quality and attention you get for your American pride! PS I had a shirt store outside of Mount Rushmore ask me also and they inspected it and asked where they could buy them for their store and acknowledged the quality as well! You won’t be disappointed! God bless you all, God bless America and keep America great!

    Kenneth Brewster via Facebook Reviews

  • Received my “Come and Take It” Baseball jersey and Trump commemorative coin today. Fast processing and delivery, Jersey has zero flaws, very nice, fits perfectly! President Trump commemorative coin is very nice. Happy with both. Trump AGAIN in 2020! MAGA!

    Carol Jensen via Facebook Reviews

  • "Seriously couldn't ask for a better experience!! My jersey arrived in 3 days and is EVEN BETTER than I expected. It eased my mind knowing they have free exchanges! Definitely will be back for more!"

    Cindy Thomas via Email

  • "I couldn't be more excited to have received this for my Independence Day festivities. Big thank you for the friendly customer service."

    Amanda Cooper via Email

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    John Doe